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Portfolio Site – SiteMap & Roughs

Initial Concept: Final Concept: Advertisements

“A Field Guide to Typestaches” Poster

Hands down, best thing I’ve seen all year (but don’t hold be to that). Oh of course, what else would it be other than a field guide to typestaches. Glorious! I’d have to go with Mr. Jeanne Moderno OT, Oh Ya!

Things Organized Neatly Through my involvement with my Galley Practicum class, I have learned a great deal about collecting and archiving as a creative process, as it is the subject of our first show. Through this our class has been directed toward some interesting, helpful sites and blogs. One of these have been, exploring this contemporary form … Continue reading

Quotes on Design

Great resource of inspiration. Well respected thoughts by well respected individuals.

PrintZero Studios: Print Exchanges

Super skilled group of individuals compile to make PrintZero Studios, started by Jeremy Cody and Brian Lane. Starting as an intimate exchange among a couple pals has evolved to attract 220+ entries from 14 different countries. Knowing Jeremy, I was fortunate enough to participate in Exchange 7, receiving in return a portfolio of 13 prints. … Continue reading

Death of the Letterhead?!

Great article on “Stationary Design Now!”. I wish i could find the article that they have as an image source, looks interesting.


Great prints. CROSSHAIR PRESS puts out some great prints, seperating an image into just a hand full of essential colors. For they’re poster’s, they usually include distressed type that is not in your face at first, but with a close look you learn the graffiti looking marks are actually display type.

Good design: The Ten Principles of Dieter Rams Great video. The ten principles of good design, by Dieter Rams.

When In Doubt, Cover It With Latex

Though very pricey, Kate Spade’s brother store, Jack Spade, carries some hot bags. Reflecting on industrialism, Jack Spade carries an assortment of canvas bags that are hand dipped in various colors of latex rubber. Love it.

10 Easiest Ways to Green Your Home

While we’re on the subject of the overly polluted “green” movement, lets contribute to the madness by giving you the “10 Easiest Ways to Green Your Home”. I must say that some seem too much like common sense.